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Unlimited Applications of Commutators

Virtually all equipment powered by electricity uses motors.  Virtually all good motors use good commutators.

Harada’s commutators have so far found applications in all types of motors, and we are able to provide commutators that best match the motors you are planning to develop.


Starter motors, cell motors, fan motors, blower motors, pump motors, ABS braking motors, wiper motors, ETC motors, VEL motors, VTC motors

Large vehicles

Buses, trucks, cranes, forklifts, trains

Power tools

Drills, hummer drills, planes, saws, sanders, molding, hook and clamp type available.

Household appliances

Cleaner, blenders, juicers, sewing machines, hair dryers, medical bed

Environment and Energy

Slip rings for engine-generators, wind force generators, starter motor for gas turbine systems.

Aircraft and ships

Various actuator of aircrafts, parabola antenna systems, radar systems, from small size to big size available.

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