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President Takahiro Harada<

Most people strive to improve their lives in terms of comfort and vitality, and are eager for further innovations in information and technology. At HARADA, we have seen significant progress in electric motor – one of the technologies that has helped enrich our lives. A commutator is the heart of an electric motor, and commutators are the main production of HARADA.
Since its establishment more than 80 years ago, HARADA has developed and produced a wide variety of commutators, from small size one to large size one. HARADA commutators have so far found applications in household appliances, power tools, energy stations, automobiles, aircrafts and railway trains. We have gained the trust of our customers both in Japan and in countries worldwide.
A commutator is the main part of a motor, and HARAD thrives on the joy of creation. For developing commutators that meet the expectations of our customers, we explore and challenge the field of high technology. We have excellent relationship with our customers because we offer better products, at more reasonable price, more quickly. The creativity and technical capability we have accumulated over our years of efforts have been reflected recently in our development of technology – applied products and peripheral equipment.
In the farther more, we aim to create a comfortable society in the future. We also wish to become good partners with global customers. Your continued support and cooperation is most appreciated.

President Takahiro Harada

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